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Administrative assistant earns her degree while on the job here at Volunteer State

By Velma Crochet

Lacey Goodrum is an administrative assistant for the business and technology department at Volunteer State Community College. Her office is in the Maddox building on campus.

Goodrum, has worked as an administrative assistant at VSCC for almost seven years. She began her career with TRIO student support services for the first six years. She then worked with the humanities department before finding her new position in the business and technology department.

“I enjoy working with people and getting to know the faculty. Building friendships is my favorite part of my job,” said Goodrum.

While working in TRIO Goodrum, attended classes at VSCC. She received her associate of fine arts degree.

According to VSCC website the degree required 61 credited hours with 26 credited hours in the area of emphasis, music. The program offers a diverse music theory curriculum that creates a dynamic and rich learning environment for the students to pursue their passion for music.

Goodrum, said music has always been her passion beginning with the church choir and playing the piano since she was 12. She also said she took all three of the music theory classes offered at VSCC.

She chose to further her education to receive her degree for self-satisfaction and to fulfill her dreams of graduating with honors.

“I drove myself to graduate with honors, Cum-laude’” said Goodrum.

“Music was my outlet,” said Goodrum. “because I finished high school by the skin of my teeth,”.

Goodrum, was born in Kokomo, Pa. but grew up in Indiana for 22 years. Then she moved to Westmoreland, Tn., where she has been the last 26 years. She moved to Westmoreland when she married her husband, Donnie Goodrum, a native of Westmoreland. She has two children, Jacob Goodrum, 21, and Stephanie Goodrum, 24. Her daughter is a student at VSCC.

Goodrum, said she enjoys reading books written by Joyce Meyers and is currently reading,” Battle of the Mind,”.

A companion study guide, it will help readers change their lives by improving their thoughts according to Goggle.

Meyers is an American charismatic Christian author, public speaker and president of Joyce Meyers Ministries according to Goggle.

Goodrum, said Italian food is her favorite, in particular, Olive Garden comes to mind when talking about food.

Goodrum, said Christmas is her favorite holiday for many reasons. Being a woman of faith celebrating Jesus birth is important to her and her family. She also said her family enjoys the time together. Goodrum also said she loves Christmas music but not till the day after Thanksgiving.

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