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America: The Greatest Nation on Earth

Last updated on January 28, 2018

Dustin W. Hodges// Contributing Writer

Recently in America, many have begun to demonize this great nation with outlandish and false claims about its history. Many seeking to hide the truth and often their own agenda have used the policy of rewriting history.

America was founded upon an unalienable right to freedom, the ability to choose your own destiny. This freedom also gives Americans something most humans around the globe do not have, the ability to change their government and laws.

Ending slavery in America is the best example of this freedom. America did not create slavery; it had existed for thousands of years and still does in many regions of the globe. Another great example of this freedom is America giving women the right to vote, something that is still a dream in many places.

Not content on creating equality as far as the law was concerned, the American experiment, and economic giant that comes with it, caused the greatest increase in quality of life for human beings in the history of the planet.

In creating equality, the American economic machine invented something most take for granted: the middle class. Before, America was either wealthy or poor; there was no in-between.

Many claim America has strengthened the wealthy classes, and this is true, as our free market has strengthened all classes of society. America has elevated the quality of life, for its poor, to a level higher than anytime or anywhere in history.

Creating a better life for its own citizens is not the only thing that makes America great, we are also the first nation on earth to return conquered lands after wars. Before America, nations would keep lands, resources, and tax or kill its people. America did not keep Iraq, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Italy, etc.

As a conquering power, not only did we return these lands, but we funded the reconstruction, which is a large part of our current national debt.

America is a great nation, always has been and has the ability to stay that way, however many in this country are trying to tear it down from within. We need patriotic Americans to fight to make this country great for the future. If anyone tells you America is not the greatest nation on earth, ask them where they want to live and I will start a fundraiser to buy them a one way ticket.

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