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Annual security report

Last updated on October 26, 2018

By: Jim Hayes

The Volunteer State Community College Police Department released the Annual Security Report, detailing campus crimes reported to the FBI and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for 2017.

The department reported 17 crimes to the FBI and 40 to the TBI. The numbers do not match
because of differing reporting requirements between the two agencies.

In 2016, only one crime was reported to the FBI and none were reported to the TBI.

“I think the crime rate is low because of officer presence, and the fact that we don’t have dorms
here, that makes a huge difference,” said Lisa Morris, Senior administrative assistant to Police
Chief Angela Lawson.

“People are here a shorter amount of time. They go to class and then go home,” said Morris.

Only the Gallatin and Livingston campuses reported incidents to the FBI in 2017. The TBI
statistics are not broken down by individual campuses.

The Gallatin campus had 13 incidents to report to the FBI. They included three in the burglary
and drug law arrest categories, two in the domestic violence category and one each in the
aggravated assault, motor vehicle theft, stalking, weapons law violation referral and weapons law
arrest categories.

Livingston reported single occurrences of domestic violence, liquor law arrests, stalking and
weapons law arrests to the FBI.

The TBI reporting was highlighted by 13 intimidations, and 11 thefts from buildings.

The Vol State police force consists of 9 full-time officers supplemented by part-time police
officers from local law enforcement departments.

To qualify to be reported to the FBI, an incident has to meet the parameters for Uniform Crime
Reporting as set forth by the bureau.

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