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Be Careful Where you Park

Last updated on January 28, 2018

A new semester means new changes. Along with the new building, new policies and new trends comes the newest changes to parking on campus. All of parking lot C is now staff only. There is now parking closer to the tennis courts and on Enterprise Drive there is a new parking lot for students. For any more information on the parking changes on campus, speak with the public relations office in the Ramer building.
The additional staff parking means students might want to arrive to their morning classes a little earlier in order to get prime parking spots. If you arrive later than usual, you might end up parking all the way back in the additional parking lots which can be a struggle in the rain, or cold weather we are expecting this winter. Also, remember to put your parking sticker on your car as soon as you receive it!
Campus police gives you a two week dead period to get your sticker on before they begin handing out parking tickets. You can and will be fined if your car is found in an unauthorized parking spot such as staff parking, or parking on the curbside.
To ensure you avoid all tickets this semester, be cautious of all rules on campus. If you have any questions you can go by the Campus Police office on the bottom level of the Wood Campus Center and have all of your questions and concerns resolved.

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