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Bluegrass Ablaze draws a crowd

Last updated on April 13, 2016

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(Pictured: Andrew Turner with his instrument.  Photo by Gayla Collier.)

By: Gayla Collier, Staff Writer

On March 30 at 6:30 p.m., Volunteer State Community College’s Bluegrass Ablaze performed at Swaney Swift in downtown Gallatin Wednesday.

The band performed for 40 minutes in front of a full house. People stood while they ordered drinks and food because there were no tables or chairs available at the bar.

The crowd was a mixture of people from Vol State and the community. They clapped along as Bluegrass Ablaze performed each song.

“This is my first time listening to Bluegrass Ablaze perform live,” said Truman House, a Vol State Student and part of the Commercial Music Ensemble at Vol State.

“This is my second time coming to see them perform. Last Wednesday, we [the Commercial Music Ensemble] performed here and we came here tonight to listen to bluegrass,” said Chad Carter, who is also a part of The Commercial Music Ensemble.

After performing, most of the Bluegrass Ablaze members went into the crowd with their families and friends.

“I haven’t always been a part of this band. I got in here like two months ago,” said Andrew Turner, who plays the double bass.

Turner used to be the Principal at Rucker Stewart Middle School in Gallatin. He retired in 2014.

“I just started playing. The director taught me to play the double bass. There are two kinds. The one I played with tonight is a two-strand one, but there is a four-strand one,” said Turner.

Bluegrass Ablaze performs locally and nationwide.

“We have this big show coming up in Indiana this summer,” said Turner.

Mark Barnett in the Music Department at Volunteer State Community College directs Bluegrass Ablaze.

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