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Building and Accepting Campus Diversity 

Last updated on September 22, 2022

By Thomas Matchell

During the 2022 spring semester, former Director of Diversity and Inclusion Jeff King was laid off from the Gallatin campus.

“I am currently the advisor for the BSA, although thus far, not enough students have signed up for this club to be active. Clubs require ten people to be active,” said Anne Marie McKee, Assistant Vice President of Student Services.

Jeff King was also the former advisor for the Black Student Association.

“Diversity Committee, which works with Student Engagement, HR (Human Resources), and PR (Public Relations) to increase campus and community participation in diversity-related activities,” said McKee. “The Diversity Committee will be meeting soon for the first time this semester. It is my goal that this committee will also plan student events focusing on all types of diversity, including sexual orientation, religious focus, students with disabilities, and race.” 

The BSA is still looking for new members and is not currently active because of the few numbers of students interested.

“Many clubs are regrouping with plans for a more active year now that (hopefully) the pandemic has lessened,” said McKee.  

“One of my goals is to continue to broaden the college’s diversity and inclusion scope so that each staff person, administrator, faculty, and student has it at the forefront of their mind. If a student does not feel included in a classroom, chances are he/she/they will not participate in student activities, and if a student does not feel socially accepted on campus, he/she/they may not do their best in a classroom. Thus, we will not retain the student,” said McKee.

According to Community College Review, Volunteer State Community College ranks 24th out of 33 community colleges located in Tennessee in minority enrollment. The minority enrollment is listed at 22% which is lower than the state average of 31%. 

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