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Business and Technology Division at Vol State Has a New Suite

New Business and Technology Suite
New Business and Technology Suite

By Georgia Smith

Volunteer State Community College’s Business and Technology department received an updated office space in recent weeks with a conference room.

Updates have been made in the Mattox building on campus. Before February 14, some faculty were located in room 101, which was the original suite. Now the faculty are in 118. A suite is an office space for people such as those in the Business and Technology division, Dean Andrew W. White and other administration to conduct work-related activities.

The purpose of this renovation is to provide “High quality facilities that attract students, faculty and staff and enableeducational excellence and student success,” according to White.

Some of the remodeling includes new carpet, desks, chairs, printers and other items. There are five offices, and are in the process of getting a computer with a scrolling screen.

Administrative Assistant, Lacey Goodrum, says it was a “Very nice step up.  “It is spacious and inviting,” she continues. The faculty enjoys the closer offices that allow them to complete their tasks in a more faster pace due to not having to walk down the hallway to reach another office.

“I believe it is going to be great. People can learn a little more about us,” said Administrative Associate, Jimmy Hairgrove.

The suite in Mattox 118 is located at the end of hallway as one enters the Business and Technology main entrance. When walking in the suite, there will be a desk to the left and a see-thorough conference room attached to the back of the space, where conferences will now be held.

White explains that everyone is very grateful for the new renovation. Updates like this help the campus to grow and become a better environment for students and staff.

The suite is located at the end of the main hallway upon entering Mattox
The suite is located at the end of the main hallway upon entering Mattox

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