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Clubs exhibit for involvement fair

Last updated on February 10, 2018


By Lauren Whitaker

Volunteer State Community College encouraged students to attend the Student Involvement Fair, Thursday, Jan. 25, to learn about the extracurricular options the commuter college offers.

Photo by A. Perham

The Fair’s purpose was to present an opportunity for students to learn about clubs and organizations they might enjoy on campus, according to Tabitha Sherrell, coordinator of student activities.

The clubs could bring trifle boards or laptops with a picture slideshow. They could also bring fliers and sign-up sheets, said Sherrell.

Student Government Association recruited students during the Student Involvement Fair with a table display.

The event was about getting the word out about the Vol State clubs, said Sherrell.

“We have student government. We have CAB (Campus Activity Board). We want students to get involved in some way, shape or form,” Sherrell said.

Vol State posted fliers about the Student Involvement Fair throughout campus. The electronic kiosks located in campus buildings also advertised the event.

Dillon Kruppa, a student in his fourth and final semester at Vol State, said he has never been a member of any club or organization at Vol State.

“I didn’t know Vol State held a Student Involvement Fair. If it wasn’t my last semester at Vol State, I would totally join a club,” Kruppa said. “I think campus doesn’t have enough campus space to advertise events and clubs. I didn’t know Vol State offered some of the clubs that it does.”

The Student Involvement Fair was designed to inform students about the clubs and organizations Vol State already offers but students can also make their own clubs and organizations.

If students have an idea for a new club they think would be a viable asset to Vol State, they can present the idea to Tabitha Sherrell.

The Student Involvement Fair was meant to express Vol State’s desire to increase the involvement of students in extracurricular organizations on campus.



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