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Constitution Day celebration at VSCC

Last updated on September 17, 2020

Women marching for the right to vote in 1920, picture provided by Google search.

Volunteer State Community College will be presenting a documentary style recording on Thursday, Sept.17. The recording will feature two history professors, Stella Pierce and Dr. Carole Bucy, sharing the suffrage movement and the anti suffragist forces.

VSCC media production helped with recording and editing the documentary style film to celebrate Constitution Day. Each year, the Vol State Social Science department celebrates the holiday with activities. Due to COVID-19, this year looks different.

In honor of the 100-year anniversary of the 19th amendment ratification and March being women’s history month, which VSCC was unable to celebrate due to COVID-19, Pierce and Bucy will be sharing both sides of the movement.

Pierce will discuss the anti-suffrage forces. She had a former student ask during class; how could women be against women having the right to vote. So, she decided it was important to share that all women were not part of the movement. Women against the movement felt that women should be at home taking care of their family leaving politics to the men.

Bucy will share the other side of the story. The marches, protests and groups of women fighting so hard for the right to participate in the judicial system. Bucy will also share how important Tennessee was during the movement. Tennessee was the deciding vote and would become known as the perfect 36 because Harry Burn changed his vote to yes.

Women should consider their right,s along with women in generations to come. Remembering the women that fought 100 years ago, never passing up opportunity to participate in their own democracy, said Pierce.

“Never squander this gift of democracy, very hard won,” said Pierce.

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