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Crosswalk still under construction

Intersection between Vol State and Nashville Pike.
Intersection between Vol State and Nashville Pike.

By Luis Quintanilla 

The sidewalk and crosswalk that will connect Volunteer State’s Community College Ramer building to Nashville Pike in Gallatin is still under construction. The project, which has been in place for a little over 4 years, is still underway as the sidewalk construction it out to bid and the city is still working to finish to the crosswalk. 

Last September the Settler ran a story on the crosswalk reporting it was expected to be finished by March of this year. In speaking with William Newman, Senior Director of Plant Operations, he stated, There are multiple projects and stakeholders. The city agreed to build the crosswalks as well as the sidewalk on GAP BLVD.  VSCC agreed to construct a sidewalk connecting the campus to the crosswalk. Due to the volume of construction in the area contractors willing to take on the project are limited.” 

The main thing holding back the construction for the past 4 years has been, “ Getting funding, city approval, and the search for qualified contractors,” stated Newman. The crosswalk was requested by Vol State to ensure students and faculty are safely able to cross the street of Nashville Pike. Directly on the other side of Nashville Pike lies restaurants like McDonalds, Subway,  and Dunkin Donuts. This completion of this crosswalk would benefit students and faculty with, “The capability to safely cross the street,” stated Newman.


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