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Crosswalks on Nashville Pike are under construction

Last updated on March 9, 2019

By Gloria Cortes

Construction for a pedestrian sidewalk around Volunteer State Community College was scheduled to begin last fall.  

In an email from Vol State Senior Director of Plant Operations Will Newman, the project has already begun.

Newman wrote, “One of the two crosswalks are under construction at the moment. Once the sidewalk that leads to Nashville Pike is complete the city will complete the crosswalk.”

This project cost estimate is $200,000 of taxpayer money, and some students say this seems expensive.

“I can cross the street without a crosswalk… . A crosswalk would be nice, but it’s not necessary for that amount of money,” said Ryan Lyle, a Vol State freshman.

The first phase of this project is for the Gallatin Public Works crews to construct a sidewalk on Gap Boulevard from Nashville Pike to Vol State’s parking entrance.  

The second phase of this project will be to install a crosswalk at the intersection of Nashville Pike and the main entrance of Vol State, and another at the intersection of Nashville Pike and Gap Boulevard.  

Unlike the sidewalks, the construction schedule is flexible and subject to change.

In an email according to Dewayne “Buck” Rogers, PE Gallatin assistant engineer, “It could possibly be Spring before the intersection project is complete… . Pending schedules and weather, the completion could happen sooner. Once the pedestrian design is complete, we will have a better feel for the construction timeline.”

Push buttons will also be installed for crossing pedestrians.  

Students should expect minor delays in their commutes because of the project construction.  

“I don’t anticipate any lane closures on Gap Blvd, but traffic will be slower due to the workers being present,” wrote Rogers.  

These improvements will hopefully benefit students by making on-foot transportation easier, said Newman.

“Vol State is in the process of trying to make the campus a more walkable community,” said Rogers.  

Students and faculty seem to welcome the idea of these pedestrian improvements, as some said they believe it will make walking off-campus safer for everyone and provide people with more access to the businesses across Nashville Pike.  

“[The crosswalks] will give us more options to cross the street, for different types of options for food as well as other services,” said Senior Director of Plant Operations Will Newman.

Rogers wrote, “We believe that the Pedestrian Improvements will greatly benefit the students at Vol State.  The completion of the improvements will provide an alternative means for commuters to safely walk to nearby businesses instead of driving.”  

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