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By Randall Barnes
The Diversity and Inclusion event “Deconstructing Unconscious Bias” is  focused on
“understand our “blind-spots” in an ever-evolving diverse environment.”
The date of this event is, according to the recent Diversity and Inclusion “Student Services”
pamphlet,  Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 6:00 p.m. in Mary Cole Nichols Dining Room– B. 
 This event is focused on “understand our “blind-spots”; in an ever-evolving diverse environment.”
“Unconscious bias,” said Jeff King, Manager of Diversity and Inclusion, “can be natural,
innate.”  He also stated, “We tend to maintain an affinity towards those who are most like us all
of our lives. When we make decisions or take actions that positively or negatively impact others
inside or outside our affinity group, then bias occurs. This bias could be intentional or
Unconscious bias, itself, occurs automatically. The brain makes snap-speed judgments, as the
brain does rely on shortcuts, based on past experiences and background. 
According to, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is
devoted to increasing awareness of and celebrating diversity on our campus in our community.
Their office in Wood 217 is open to all, but making an appointment is suggested.

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