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Donations being accepted for veteren’s care packages

Last updated on March 9, 2019

By Katelyn Marshall

The Student Veterans of America at Volunteer State Community College will be accepting donations for care packages to be sent overseas to deployed units, now until Friday, March 15, at 5 p.m. There will be boxes located around the campus that donations can be put into. This is a fundraiser and special event, according to Vol State’s website.

“The Veterans Care Package drive is an event to help gain items to send to a deployed unit to help them with items they cannot easily access while deployed,” Tiffany Zwart, Coordinator of Student Support, said in an email.

“Some of these items are necessities, like hygiene items. Others are items of comfort and reminders of home, like cookies, protein bars, hot sauces for meals, and candy or gum. The individuals in the unit benefit from this.”

As for donations, they can be “dropped off in the Student Engagement and Support Office in Wood 215, or in the Adult Learners and Veterans Affairs Office in Ramer 150,” said Zwart.
A student a Vol State, explained why it is important to donate to the Veterans Care Package Drive. “I think that it is a really good way to connect back with some of our veterans here on campus,” said communication journalism major Harley Keene. “It is just a good way to show your appreciation to those fighting for us overseas.”

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