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Guns on Campus

Last updated on January 28, 2018

With a new school year beginning, new laws have rolled in as well. The law more commonly known as Tennessee Guns on Campus will allow full-time faculty and staff at Vol State and all Tennessee college campuses to carry hand guns if they have the valid permits to do so within the state of Tennessee. Students, visitors and those not registered with Campus Police cannot carry guns on campus, however, if they have the permit to carry guns, they may be kept in the locked trunk of their car. Any full-time staff or faculty member that wishes to carry a firearm must first register with the Campus Police and after registering must keep the gun concealed and in their possession at all times. For any information about the new law, all information on the new policies are available on Vol State’s online blog, check with Campus Police located in the Woods Campus Center building, or with the public relations office located in the Ramer building.

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