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Homecoming cancelled due to lack of “school spirit”

Last updated on March 9, 2019

By Jim Hayes

Volunteer State Community College will not celebrate homecoming this year because, “nobody gets into it. We have a lot of lack of school support,” said Coordinator of Student Activities, Tabitha Sherrell. “ Our athletes don’t get into it. No one shows up for the games.”

While there will be no formal homecoming, the Pioneers last home appearance, a home double header in which both the men and women will play Dyersburg State beginning at 2 p.m., Feb. 16, in Pickel Fieldhouse, will feature some special attractions.

At half time of the women’s game that day, Dr. Jerry Faulkner will announce the winning team in the ongoing Avenge the Feed food drive. The Red and Blue teams, represented by Ironman and Captain America, respectively, are competing to see which team can donate the most food.

At half time of the men’s game, which begins at 4 p.m., there will be a drawing for an Ipad. “On Valentine’s Day, we will have a special event in the carpeted and tiled dining room,” said Sherrell. “Anyone donating at least one bottle of water will receive a t-shirt and be entered into a raffle.”

Sherrell said tying the raffle to the basketball games is a way to try and encourage people to attend the game.

As for the lack of homecoming, “there is a lot of work put into it by a very tiny amount of people,” said Sherrell. “If we get some school spirit, some Pioneer pride, it would be a whole lot easier. We’ve tried for the past five or six years, but it never turns out well.”

“This office has always had student government and campus activity board do things,” she said. “We’ve had them decorate the buildings, bulletin boards, create flyers. We used to have cheerleaders, so the cheerleaders would do a little routine in the cafeteria to bring everyone out.”

“But it never generated a lot of hype,” said Sherrell.

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