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How to have a fun and safe Spring Break

Last updated on March 16, 2016

By: Barbara Harmon

After all the snowy weather Volunteer State Community College has experienced, it is finally time for spring break, March 7-12.

Many of you probably have plans for road trips, and there are some important preparations you need to consider.

Do not just assume your car is capable of taking on some extra miles; instead, be safe and get it serviced.

You would not just up and run a 5K, you would make sure you were fit and ready for it.

Do the same for your vehicle, so you do not get stranded somewhere.

It could also benefit you to get a AAA membership, even if you are riding along with one of your friends.

“AAA Road Service is designed to assist you in an emergency when the vehicle you are either driving or riding in becomes disabled,” according to the AAA website.

Unless you have an unlimited spring break fund, stock up on snacks and such before you leave.

If you do not, you will be tempted to spend two times or more on them at a gas station.

Those little extra expenditures will add up, and you will not have as much to spend when you reach your destination.

Going to the beach? Take some sunblock!

“Don’t be fooled into thinking you can build up a safe tan; there’s no such thing,” according to the Bella Sante website.

“Every exposure contributes to possible damage at the cellular level.

“Spare your skin tomorrow and wear your sunscreen today,” according to

Take their advice and protect your skin.

Do not do anything on spring break that you would not do around your friends back at school.

More than likely the pictures or videos will reach home before you do….

Do, however, take lots of pictures with your family and friends, so you can treasure the wonderful time you had on spring break.

Plus, if there are snow flurries when you get back to Tennessee, maybe those pictures at the beach will keep you warm.

Plan to party hard? Do not drink and drive.

“For some people alcohol triggers the overconfidence of being able to handle anything, while for some others; allowing or encouraging a drunk person to drive is sheer fun.

“Driving safety is something that just goes out of the window when under the influence,” according to TeenCentral.Net.

It is not just your life that you are endangering, it is your passengers’ and everyone’s that you share the road with.

Be smart and have a blast on your spring break!

Return home safely and get back into the swing of things. Your assignments will be waiting for you.


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