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International Students Cultural Connections Club Spring Mixer: Diversity at Volunteer State Community College

By Trent Lieffring

Volunteer State Community College will be hosting the International Students Cultural Connections Club Spring Mixer on Thurs, March 17 from 1-2:30pm

The Spring Mixer will be held in the Mary Cole Nichols Dining Hall at the Wood Campus Center where food and drinks will be served.

Presenters at the Spring Mixer include: Profs Karen Hutson, Shirley Gomez, Ruth McKenzie, Jamie Sanchez, Pedro Martinez, and Jeff King.

The Spring Mixer is centered around bringing international students from diverse cultures together to interact with local students. There, international students will develop their English-speaking skills and local students will be able to learn about the diversity of cultures that international students have to offer.

According to Vol State’s Office of Diversity, their mission is “to help increase awareness and celebrate diversity on our campus and in the community.”

Vol State is a campus that is full of diversity as there are students from around the world that attend Vol State. According to Vol State’s Admission of International Students, there are “112 students that classified themselves as something other than a U.S. citizen.”

“There’s students from all over the diaspora, Vol State is much more diverse than I thought it was.” Said Jeff King, Manager of Diversity and Inclusion at Vol State.

With there being so many different people from around the world on campus, Vol State can truly say that it is a campus that offers unique students that display diversity.

“None of us are exactly alike, unless there is a clone walking around that looks like you then you have something unique that you can offer that no one else can offer.” Said King

For those who are unable to attend the Spring Mixer in person, they are able to attend via Zoom.

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