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Internet to be fixed next fall

Last updated on January 28, 2018

By: Blake Bouza, Assistant Editor

Volunteer State Community College students may have noticed how slowly the internet speeds have become on campus recently.

“It’s hard to get Facebook to load, and videos don’t even play,” said Daniel Berry, Vol State student.

Throttling the bandwidth was not a financial decision, said Kevin Blankenship, Chief Information Officer.

“Wireless usage on campus has grown so exponentially that it was starting to cut into bandwidth which wasn’t available, so we had to throttle it. We’ve been trying to balance it out. We’re looking at adding an entirely separate internet connection,” Blankenship said.

This separate connection will be for students, with the old connection remaining for business usage. The new connection will be four times faster than what students are using now.

Blankenship said that the new network should be up and running by next semester.

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