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Is a higher education worth the Financial debt?

Last updated on November 29, 2016

by Hope McKinney

This is something I struggle with constantly. With most students attending Volunteer State Community College at very little to no expense they can grow accustom to staying out of debt.
I know when I started looking to further my education at a four-year university I was amazed at how much money I would be putting into just tuition.
At Vol State they have an incredible program by the name of Tennessee Transfer Pathway.
This ensures students who are transferring to in state public, and most private universities that their credit hours earned at Vol State will transfer “seamlessly”.
The program has 50 different majors to choose from, and helps you pick the best university for you. This pathway will qualify you as a junior at the school of your choice which to me is a great deal.
You get to attend your first two years at Vol State with little to no expense, and transfer to a four-year university right on time.
For Vol State students who wish to transfer to an in state school such as the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, or Austin Peay this program makes it more than worth it to take on a small student loan.
With many students and parents taking on debt from freshmen year until graduation, this is so helpful.
Keep in mind that if you want to transfer to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville the pathway does not insure admission.
You still have to be accepted and due to the very competitive program you must meet the grading and ACT requirements.
If you find yourself ready to transfer, but you haven’t yet completed your Associates degree, you may qualify for the Tennessee Reverse Transfer Pathway.
This makes it possible for you to transfer with only 25% of your degree completed. You obviously will not transfer as a Junior, but you will transfer at the level you have completed which is still a great deal.
When you are searching for the University that is right for you after Vol State you should always look at the requirements and make sure your grades are staying on track to help you be able to achieve your goal.
Your advisor is there to help you make these hard decisions in furthering your education. They know which plan is going to help you the most and what would be best for your personal nancial situation.
Vol State also looks great on any college application. While Vol State may be a community college it has incredible credentials as an institution of learning.
Just recently U.S. Representative Dianne Black donated 1 million dollars to build and design the new Steinhauer- Rogan-Black Humanities building.
With the new building and the ever expanding student body we are able to educate so many students.
In-state Universities look for Vol State students because the programs here are competitive and I think all in all if you are using the pathway it is definitely worth the two years of debt to go and get your Bachelor’s degree.
However, if you aren’t using the pathway and aren’t planning to further your education after Vol State you can potentially graduate with your associates degree with little to no debt.I think any degree is great, but a free one is even better. Vol State is very willing to help any of its students achieve their goals.
Be sure to take advantage of all the scholarships Vol State has to offer and do not forget about the pathways that could help you further your education.
Choose your school wisely and always do what is best for you

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