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Java Jolt

By: Nick Kieser

Volunteer State Community College hosted what is called a Java Jolt in the lobby of Thigpen Library Oct. 30 and on Halloween.

Coffee was provided by Thigpen Library and it was purchased from the cafe that is in the Woods Campus Center according to Director of Library Services Sarah Smith.

“We know from our surveys of students at the end of their academic years that students think coffee in the library is important. They do not have to get up from their studies and go over to the cafe and get coffee, and at the same time it helps students focus,” said Smith.

Three coffee dispensers were in place on a table along with sugar and creamers, to note as well, students came by and were able to get information on how the library can help with writing academic papers for class.

“If I ever have questions then I could get the help I needed, and at the same time if I just walk over to the cafeteria I would have forgotten I needed to stop and get help,” said student Triana Earls-Cuozzo.

As a student worker for the library, Earls-Cuozzo was on duty to be promoting the Java Jolt event and the library services that are offered to the students.

“It’s also another a little other way to get some citation style bookmarks and take them so they can be used to write papers and then consult them for examples or information about the library in general,” said Smith.

Continuing on from the previous school year Smith interjected that the library has had this setup before around finals and hopes to have more mini-breaks like this one.

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