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Musical Duo Kin of Hearts to Perform at Vol State

Musical Duo “Kin of Hearts”
Musical Duo “Kin of Hearts” Krystelle Lorraine and Kaylee Magro


By Harley Keene

A musical group by the name of “Kin of Hearts” will be performing on the Volunteer State Community College campus in the Steinhauer-Rogan-Black Humanities building. The performance will take place March 3, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. and is free to the public.

The performers, Krystelle Lorraine and Kaylee Magro combine musical performance with performance interpreting, the use of sign language, as well as shadowing. For this performance they will also be working with Kaitlyn Felicia Connor, a pianist. In the group, both Lorraine an Margo work to create an experience that is inclusive to all, so deaf and hearing audiences can enjoy their musical performances.

“After I met Kaylee I saw her passion for music accessibility and got to thinking, ‘Why isn’t there a band that includes sign language as another instrument or voice’?,’” said Lorraine.

The group is passionate about providing more accessibility to deaf audiences for musical performances. However, they strive to make sure that all audiences are their target, and that everyone can enjoy the performance. “The show is designed to eliminate labels and the barriers that we place on a performance. It is about creating a show where there is no ‘deaf’ or ‘hearing’ but rather connection through art,” said Margo.

Kin of Hearts performs whenever and wherever they can, on school campuses, sporting events, music festivals, even in restaurants. They try to perform to all types of audiences to get the most widespread effect of their performances.

Students hoping to learn more about the group Kin of Hearts and the members, can keep up with them on Instagram @KinofHearts_music. For the members of the duo one can checkout @KrystelleLorraine and @k_felicia_keys.


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