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New sidewalks are coming soon

Last updated on April 14, 2019

By Velma Crochet

Volunteer State Community College (VSCC) is making changes around campus to help students avoid situations like this and feel safe at their campus that should always feel like home.

William Newman, Senior Director of Plant Operations said, 1,500 square feet of new sidewalk will be added to the rear side of campus, there will be repairs done to the parking lots, and seal coating to fill in cracks or prevent additional damage to the pavement.

The project is being completed by the company called CD Steger Construction, Inc. located in Brentwood,Tennessee.

The whole project including repairs, seal coating and sidewalks come to a complete total of $499,939, and will take a total of 120 days, depending on the weather.

With this project being very large it does come with some concerns from the community on campus.

Newman, said the main concern during the construction is the impact on traffic around campus. With these concerns come very good benefits, such as removing pedestrian traffic from the streets and parking lots. This helps keep students and staff safe.

When asked what she thought of the new sidewalks Jean Colello, TRIO program coordinator said, “ I think if people use them it will be a good safety measure to get to class.” She also stated they are “ nice for daily walks as a faculty member and the bridge is very pretty.”

A student attending VSCC, Elija Jacobs also agreed saying, “I like it, good aesthetics and good for young students not walking on the street anymore.”

This project will take time to finish and patience from the campus community

As many members of the campus have stated already that it is a beautiful project and understand the need for the safety t comes with this new route for students to get to classes. So if you get stuck in traffic keep in mind these workers are doing what is needed to make this a safe and beautiful campus for you.

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