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Overseas courses offered by Study Abroad

By Katelyn Marshall

The goal of the International Education program is to provide Volunteer State Community College students with a global perspective, according to Vol State’s website.

It starts in the classroom with new ways of looking at academic subjects and grows with special international events and speakers on campus.

“Study Abroad is an opportunity for students at Vol State students to travel internationally and complete college classes at the same time,” said Dr. Rhonda Gregory, Dean of Academic Support at Vol State and has been working here for nearly five years. In her role, she oversees international education, the Learning Commons, and Distributed Education.

“So, for example, a student can go on a spring break trip. This year, in 2020, [they can go to] either India or Spain with other Vol State students and faculty and study criminal justice, art, Literature, and there are many other opportunities available for the summer as well.”

Gregory explained how the Study Abroad classes benefit students, saying that these classes provide a rich cultural environment.

“It immerses students in the physical spaces that history happened, so you can walk in the footsteps of great literary authors or see the fantastic architectural pieces that have influenced the world, or you can see the seven wonders of the world.”

She added that Study Abroad is an opportunity to experience life and culture that is different than your own and helps you raise awareness or understanding of different cultures.

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