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Pioneering the Parking Lots

Last updated on January 28, 2018

By Kalynn Meeker

Fall semester of 2015 at Volunteer State Community College is full of changes. One is an expected 20% increase of students.  No matter if you are a student or a faculty member, freshmen or upperclassmen, traffic can be a challenge.  In an interview with Angela Lawson, the Assistant Chief of Police, these changes were cleared up.

To aid the increase of traffic, there is an increase of parking spaces. The H Lot, which is convenient for anyone entering from the Greenlea Boulevard, has been extended to approximately 200 spaces. Also added on to is the largest parking lot, the E lot, by approximately 50 spaces. For anyone coming through the main entrance, this lot is most accessible. A new, real four-way stop can be used to enter into the parking lot;  however, the spaces will fill up quickly for students and staff alike. Rebecca Flentge, a freshmen but not a newcomer to the Volstate campus, said, “I think that the new parking lot and the roads make it impossible to get anywhere and it makes getting to class a longer process.”

When asked how students and staff will know where they can park, Lawson explained that there would be signage placed in the spots where students can park and staff can park. Along with the signage there will be color indications: yellow lines are for students and white for general parking. Most general parking is located in front of the Thigpen Library.

“The mornings between 7:30 and 8:30 will be the busiest. Fridays will not be so bad,” Lawson said when asked about the peak traffic times. There will be a two or three-week grace period for all students and staff when it comes to parking in designated spots and decals. Additionally, for the first two weeks there will be heavy police presence to help those in need of guidance around campus, not to give citations.

In order to avoid getting a citation, decals will need to be on cars within two to three weeks after classes begin. To make the transition smoother into the new school year, Campus Connect is supplied all new freshmen with parking decals on August 22nd, during Welcome Day.

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