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Reconnect Spotlight

Last updated on October 26, 2018

By: Allison Summers

Tina Hoffmann is a student at Vol State. She is using the Reconnect program to pursue an associates degree in Sociology.

“I needed to be a great example for my family,” said Hoffmann

She has a husband and 2 kids at home. Hoffmann was born in Japan; however, she moved all over the United States. She now resides in Portland, Tennessee with her husband and two children.

Hoffmann’s father and husband are Navy veterans. She dedicated twenty-one years of her life to caring for her husband as he fought to protect the country.

She continues this dedication through her aspirations to be a social worker for veterans. She hopes to work in a Veteran Affairs hospital, or she would enjoy working with the Wounded Warriors Project.

Hoffmann quoted Jojo Moyes, “You only get one life. It’s your duty to live it as fully as possible.”

Hoffmann is active in the Student Government Association, the Returning Students Organization, and the Vol State Veterans of America Club.

She also goes to school during the afternoons while working full-time during the night at the local Walmart.

“She is always trying to help even when she does not have to. We had to have a chair for the SGA meetings and she volunteered without hesitation. It is remarkable how active she is considering her obligations,” said SGA member Travis Mefford

“Tina is a very warm, caring individual. She strives to do whatever she can,” said  President of VSVA Donna Payne.

In case it has not been noted, there is most definitely a running theme here; Hoffmann is a very kind, generous person who cares deeply about the people around her. She is a great addition to Vol State thanks to the Reconnect Program.

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