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RSO hosts the first Thursday Trivia

Last updated on April 14, 2019

By Gloria Cortes

The Volunteer State Community College Returning Student Organization (RSO) hosted Thursday Trivia in the Mary Cole Nichols Dining Room A March 28, from noon – 1 p.m.

Twelve students participated, divided into two teams and competed against each other in the categories of pop culture, boy bands, animals, Disney movies, sports, and TV shows.

The two team captains were Jason Blaire and Ethan Denson, and the MC was Tracy Lilly.

Blaire’s team won a variety of prizes, including water bottles, a car cleaning kit, hand warmers, and other things.

Getting enough participants to play was an issue in the beginning of the event, but more people became involved as the game went on.

“The biggest challenge other than trying to figure out what the answers were, was clicking the buzzer,” said Vol State freshman Brooke Chapman.

Both teams had problems with their buzzers. Either they buzzed while the question was being asked and were unable to answer, or they were not able to hear which team buzzed first.

Refreshments were served even to students who did not participate.

“It seemed like everyone who was playing was having fun, so I think this has a good effect on Vol State,” said Vol State sophomore Josh McCoury.
“These events bring the school together,” said Vol State sophomore Orey Fugate.

RSO will host another Thursday Trivia with Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) April 18, in the same dining room and at the same times as last week’s.
RSO is a club that “provides support and information to students who have returned to school after several years of absence,” according to its flyer on the Vol State website.

“RSO is a great organization for people who are returning on campus, or are nontraditional students who feel like they don’t fit in with everyone, or maybe you’re a returning student who doesn’t come to campus often because you take most of your classes online, RSO is a good group to put you in touch with people…. It will help you find opportunities at the college, so that you don’t miss out on anything. One of the big problems with college is if you try to go through it alone, it’s very difficult, and so having friends who can give you advice or maybe having people who are finishing their second year that you can speak with really gives you an advantage, because they already found all the resources that you need to be successful,” said Vol State sophomore and PTK Vice President Zachary Clark.

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