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SGA Hosts February Meet and Greet

Last updated on February 15, 2020

Students at the SGA meet and greet filling up their baggies with candy
Panel giving information about SGA
Panel giving information about SGA










By Diana Leyva

Volunteer State Community College’s Student Government Association hosted its monthly meet and greet Tuesday Feb. 11, on the second floor of the Steinhauer Rogan Black Humanities building. February’s meet and greet was Valentine’s Day themed, students were able to fill bags with assorted candy as well as learn more about SGA.

Coordinator of Student Activities Tabitha Sherrell describes the SGA as the student’s voice on campus. It is a way for students to voice their concerns, report any issues, or give their feedback on things they think are going well.

SGA is currently looking for an SGA president and an SGA vice president for 2020-2021.

“We need students who are excited and motivated and want to run for SGA president and vice president for next year.,” Sherrell said.

Applications have been sent to all student emails, and the announcement has been broadcast on eLearn as well as social media. The positions of SGA President and SGA Vice President come with a tuition scholarship as well as a $300 book scholarship.

Sherrell said that are lots of opportunities to be involved which include other positions such as Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Treasury all of which come with a $300 book scholarship.

SGA also includes the Campus Activity Board, which is a committee of SGA that helps organize different events. The CAB chair also receives a tuition scholarship and a $300 book scholarship.

Unfortunately, says Sherrell, SGA involvement has been low. The SGA had its first meeting Feb. 4 and only 15 people were in attendance as opposed to the average 40.

“That’s a very, very low number. We need more people to participate. We need more people that want to get involved,” said Sherrell.

SGA is looking at other ways to increase student involvement. They will be sending out an email to the student body from the SGA president, Preston Tatum, as a way to encourage students. A Zoom link will also be sent so students may still be a part of the meetings, despite not being able to physically attend.

For more information regarding SGA or how to get involved please contact Tabitha Sherrell at

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