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Soul Food luncheon celebrates black literary figures

Last updated on February 17, 2015

African American Student Union (AASU), a club at Volunteer State Community College, is preparing for its annual Soul Food Luncheon this Wednesday, at noon, in the Carpeted Dining Room.

The event is open to all students and will concentrate on Black literary figures.

This luncheon is the clubís most highly attended event, with ninety-six attendees the previous year.

Although it will be slightly different this year, since there is no active AASU, the club said they still expect it to be just as popular.

ìLast year there was a huge turnout, we even had a piano brought in,î said Lori Miller, secretary II of the office of Student Life and Diversity Initiatives (SLDI).

Traditional soul food, of different varieties, has been served over the years.

From fried, baked, and barbeque chicken all the way to corn bread and sweet potatoes.

The Vol State community supplies, prepares, and even serves some of the food.

While students are encouraged by the college to bring their own lunches, they may want to save room for dessert that will be provided by SLDI.

The Soul Food Luncheon is the second event that AASU has planned Black History month.

ìItís a great club thatís really important, especially with everything thatís been going on lately,î said Miller.

Any student interested in joining AASU should contact its President, Ashlyn Challenger at for information.

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