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Spring Fling event get students thinking about consent

Last updated on April 20, 2019

By Allison Oakley

The Volunteer State Community College Spring Fling and Pledge to Stop Sexual Assault event was in the plaza of the Steinhauer-Rogan-Black building April 19.

The event highlighted several of VSCC’s clubs, had games, free food, a photo booth, and gave out free t-shirts that displayed sayings like, “Swiping right does not mean consent,” and, “Buying a drink does not mean yes.”

Coordinator of Student Support Tiffany Zwart said, “The idea is to get our students thinking about what consent looks like for them and what it really is legally, so that they can make wise choices and also be mindful. We know this pledge isn’t going to make everyone understand, but if it gets a conversation started and it gets them thinking about what consent really is, that’s really our goal.”
This was the first time combining a prevention and support event along with the Spring Fling.

Tiffany Zwart at Pioneer Prevention Table. Photo by Allyson Oakley
Tiffany Zwart at Pioneer Prevention Table. Photo by Allyson Oakley

Zwart said over 200 students signed the pledge.

The Future Educators Club was one of the groups attending the event, and students were asked to leave their handprint on their poster.

“We wanted to make something fun, but also childish. So, we decided to use hand prints because little kids paint using their hands. We’ve been having a free for all painting each other. We want to take this (poster) and hang it in Caudill to demonstrate Future Educators of America,” said Haily Schroeder a student representative for Future Educators Club.

Students Stephanie Arlene Lopez and Catherine Cannon were waiting in line for food.

“I say discussing sexual assault is very important,” said Lopez.

“Especially since so many of us are going on to four year colleges and that is where [sexual assault] tends to happen more. It’s important to talk about it in general,” said Cannon.

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