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Students to perform Mozart’s Solemn Vespers

Last updated on April 14, 2019

By Hailey Bossert

Volunteer State Community College will host a free concert in the Wemyss Auditorium in Caudill Hall at 3 p.m., on April 14.

The Vol State Singers will be accompanied by the Portland High School Ensemble and the White House Heritage Choir in presenting Mozart’s Solemn Vespers, K339.

“Fauré Requiem” and “Rutter Requiem” will be featured at the concert. The event is not only free, but it is also open to everyone who would like to enjoy some music.

The Vol State Singers are led by associate professor of music, Nancy Slaughter with faculty member, Nicholas Reynolds on piano.

Music has the potential to have measurable impacts on cognitive abilities, as studies have shown that playing an instrument and singing has the potential to improve memory, language development, coordination, emotional development, pattern recognition, auditory skills, and much more according to an article posted by the National Association for Music Education.

Not only does playing music and singing have positive impacts on one’s health, but simply listening to music does too. When you listen to music that you like, your brain releases a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure called dopamine according to Dr. Michelle Millis Chappel. Listening to music also decreases levels of stress hormone cortisol, reducing stress, depression, and insomnia says Chapple.

As Vol State students head toward the conclusion of the 2019 spring semester, finals are approaching and, therefore, stress levels may increase. If you are looking for a free stress reliever, the Singers Concert could be a perfect remedy.

If you are interested in joining the Vol State Singers, up to eight hours of applied music and/or ensembles can be counted toward graduation according to the Vol State website.

For more information about the event, call 615-230-3201.

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