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The Feed implements new process to distribute food to those in need

By Velma Crochet

Student Support Services took over the daily operation of The Feed in July. Tiffany Zwart, Coordinator of Student Service Support said procedures have changed starting with how students can make contact to receive assistance.

All registered students at Volunteer State Community College can log into their portal, then click on the tab labeled The Well.

Next the student will need to scroll down to the white and green box

labeled The Feed with the triangle on it.

This link will lead the student to information about the services offered and will direct the student to the Wood building room 215.

Another way to access information about The Feed is at

The web page will also direct the student to Student Services in the Wood building room 215.

Zwart said she hopes to dig deep and get to the root of the problem and find out why the is student hungry?

If a student is hungry, struggling to buy books or having trouble putting gas in their car to get to school being successful can be difficult.

The staff in student services will help with the immediate need for food, hygiene, diapers or toilet paper to name a handful of items available in

The Feed.

It is also a chance for the staff to make the first contact with the student, to find out what else they could possibly need and help them fill out any applications for future services.

The student also will be told the Sumner County Food Bank if the student needs more assistance.

The goal of The Feed is to help students, but also to make sure everyone understands they can come by the Wood building room 215 and ask for help. If it is something not offered at VSCC the staff will help connect the student to the correct resource.

After a student visits The Feed, Zwart or another staff member will send a follow-up email with links to any services that are needed.

If the student needs food again, an appointment will be set up.

The Feed is working on setting up a text system that will make contacting students for future visits simpler.

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