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The Struggle is Real for the Baseball Team

By Erin Holloway

“We just need to start hitting better, timely hitting, and playing better defense. Our pitching is there, but we have not been hitting as well as we’d like to, and our defense is struggling,” said third baseman, Maddox Vondohlen, when asked about the Pioneers struggles this season after losing three games against Dyersburg State Community College (8-3, 2-0, and 8-2) and 1-1 against Cumberland University JV (5-4W and 3-2L)

With a record under .500 and not being able to hit consistently, the Pioneers said they are working hard in hopes of winning.

“We just need to be more consistent,” Vondohlen added.

“Hopefully, we are dealing with stuff that we won’t have to deal with in April and May when it’s time to head to the tournament,” said assistant coach, Jason Barrett.

Even with their losing record, the Pioneers can still go to tournament and have a shot at the championship, if they improve.

“We’ve played poorly. We haven’t pitched well at times. A lot of times haven’t been able to get runners in, but hopefully when it is playoff time, we can look at this time as ‘water under the bridge,’ and maybe it was good for us to go through those struggles early,” Barrett added.

Their next three games will be against Walters State Community College, who will be their biggest competitor this season.

“They’re the number one team in the conference , so we’ll need to show up and play our best game,” said head coach , Ryan Hunt.

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