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The Well

By Velma Crocket
The Well, A one stop shop location for resource services available to all students will have a
event on Sept 18, 9:15 a.m. -9:45 a.m and 11a.m. -11:30 a.m. at the SRB second floor hallway
and the Warf main hallway will be serving breakfast and lunch free to students. A chance to
share information with students about resources available to help them.
The website can be accessed through the student portal , after logging in the student will see a
tab that says “The Well,”.
The Well offers real time information such as The Feed,#webeliveyou,consent,alcohol use and
abuse,stop drug abuse, opioid use disorder, suicide, mental health and contact resources at
student engagement. Each tab offers information about the subject along with numbers and web
address to access assistance.
Some issues like receiving help with bills,rent and unexpected life event might be available
through The Well also. If VSCC does not offer support The Well would serve as a guide to find
Heather Harper,M.Ed Manger, Student Engagement and support wants students to know there is
support available for students.
“More support better you can do. No one should be hungry,” said Harper.
The Well offers support through phone numbers, places to go for help and web address as well.
We want students to reach out for help so they can be successful and safe said Harper.

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