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Top 10 Movies and Shows Being Watched During Quarantine

Last updated on April 1, 2020

Editor’s Note: With many quarantined in their homes due to the pandemic of COVID-19, writer Harley Keene polled several people to find the movies and shows that are currently being binge-watched by them.  One may view these movies him or herself with a Netflix or Hulu subscription or by simply renting them online.

By Harley Keene:


1.) Big Time Adolescence (Hulu)
A clean cut high school student starts to idolize his best friend, that happens to be a drug-dealer and college drop out.
2.) Pet Sematary (Hulu or Amazon Prime Video)
A horror film based off the novel, after tragedy strikes a family, they seek help from a neighbour, but end up unleashing evil upon the town.
3.) A Quiet Place (Hulu or Amazon Prime Video)
 A family has to live in silence to survive monsters that can only hunt you if they hear you.
4.) Wonder (Hulu or Amazon Prime Video)
A child with facial deformities makes a big leap by mainstreaming into a large school. He is faced with challenges, but overcomes them heroically.
5.) BumbleBee (Hulu or Amazon Prime Video)
The origin story of the beloved transformer BumbleBee.


1.) Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video)
Hit medical drama series that follows the lives of young doctors.
2.) This is Us (Hulu or Amazon Prime Video)
Follows the story of Jack and Rachel and their three children, from childhood to adulthood, and the inner workings of their individual lives.
3.) Party of Five  (Amazon Prime Video or iTunes)
Remake of the original 90s show, this follows a family whose parents are deported. They must all stick together to survive the new circumstances and to get their parents back.
4.) Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Hulu or Amazon Prime Video)
Detective Jake Peralta has a great reputation at his workplace, but is notorious for not working very hard. He comes into some competition when a new detective comes to the office.
5.) Everything’s Gonna Be Okay (Hulu)
During a trip to visit his dad, 20 year old Nicholas suddenly becomes a parental figure to his two younger half-sisters when his father unexpectedly dies.

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