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Tornado Devastates Nashville in the Dead of Night

At least two tornados ripped through middle Tennessee, as well as some parts of downtown Nashville in the early morning hours of Tuesday causing several buildings to collapse and at least 9 fatalities.

The line of severe thunderstorms that brought in the tornado that hit Nashville swept over the area in the early mornings hours of Tuesday around midnight and 1 a.m. The tornado’s path crossed parts of downtown Nashville such as Germantown and East Nashville, where two individuals were killed.

Mayor John Cooper reported that the city answered 400 emergency calls over the night, at least 156 have been hospitalized and upwards of up to 50 buildings have collapsed with many more damaged.

At least 9 have been reported to have been killed across middle Tennessee coupled with many missing and injured. Governor Bill Lee stated,”There’s a really good possibility that there may be more. It’s early yet.”

Several videos on Twitter of eye witnesses showcased the hidden and seemingly massive tornado being lit up and revealed every so often with the rapid lightning or by downed power lines as it moved across the city in the dead of the night.

The line of storms also hit Mt. Juliet and Lebanon causing damages and injuries there as well. Emergency responders are now working to clear any debris and rescue anyone who may trapped or injured.

Mayor Cooper urges Nashville residents to be cautious with the extensive debris laid out on the streets such as power lines as well as gas leaks around the city.

Many people have been displaced from their homes after the tornado. The Nashville Farmer’s Market opened its doors for those seeking shelter, but due to power outages, people are being bused to Centennial Sportsplex.

For anyone needing shelter, The Centennial Sportsplex is located at 222 2th Avenue N. East Magnet High School at 110 Gallatin Ave. has also opened as a shelter. In Mt. Juliet, Victory Baptist Church at 1777 Tate Lane has opened as a shelter.

The Margaret Maddox YMCA in East Nashville is open for shelter and the Bridgestone Arena will open its doors to the public beginning at 11 a.m. to serve lunch to anyone in need.

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