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TRIO provides support for students in need

Last updated on February 1, 2016

Michaela Marcellino

TRIO Student Support Services, a helpful resource for students, is here on the campus of Volunteer State Community College.

“Our program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, designed to serve 167 Vol State students in the areas of academic support, graduation planning, 4-year college transfer planning, technology access, cultural enrichment, etc…we also have three TRIO Retention Scholarships available for eligible TRIO students who may apply after 1 year of participation. Our goal is to help students reach their goals while here at Vol State.” said Andrea Boddie, the Director of TRIO.

The TRIO brochure offers information on who is eligible, as well as a full list of services offered. These services include assisting students with setting and achieving long-term and short-term goals, Academic Advising, Tutoring/Academic Planning, individual or group Supplemental Instruction, Financial Literacy, Transfer Planning, Peer mentoring, and more.

“One of my favorite things about TRIO is when students come in here, utilize the services that we offer, and seeing what it does for them.”

“And when they’re successful at something, especially if they’ve been struggling, and taken advantage of the tutoring we offer, and come back and tell us they got a B on that test, it’s just so gratifying to hear that.”

“And it’s nice when they come in and use our computer lab, because it’s such a nice, quiet place to come and study. It’s really nice [to see them] be successful while they’re going to Vol State, and know we’re a part of that.”

“And [we] continue to help them grow and mature, and watch them succeed,” said Lacey Goodrum, TRIO’s Secretary.

TRIO’s purpose is to help students earn their Associates Degree and assist them to transfer on to a four-year school.

To apply for TRIO’s assistance, according to their brochure, first complete a TRIO SSS application from the TRIO Office [Wood Campus Center, Room 210] or complete it online at the Vol State website,

Then, provide a copy of previous year’s tax return and schedule initial interview. After the interview, a letter of enrollment status and the next steps will be sent.

“[We at TRIO] are here to help students be successful…we are here to provide what they need to reach their goals. I feel blessed to work with the best group of students on campus,” said Jean Colello, TRIO’s Program Coordinator.

For more information call 615-230-3732


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