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Vol State is a Pick-up Sight on Tree Day

By Georgia Smith

Volunteer State Community College is making an impact on our environment by being a pick-up sight on Tree Day.Tree Day is a day dedicated to planting trees in your neighborhood.

The Tennessee Environmental Council sets up a website where residents of the state or surrounding areas can buy trees to plant on their property. This nonprofit event is taking place on March 21, 2020. You must make your order by March 1 for the items to be processed and pick-up your plants at a selected location, including Vol State. If anyone is interested in trees ranging from Indigo Bushes to Red Mulberries, visit Cash payments are not accepted. Vol State pick-up times are on March 20 at 9 a.m. – 2p.m. or March 21 at 9a.m. to noon.

“Since 2007 the Tennessee Tree Project has mobilized over 60,000 Tennessee residents in planting 637,100 native trees in Tennessee and beyond. The purpose of this activity is to instill public awareness of the value of trees, improve the health of our environment and communities through the multitude of benefits trees offer and to nurture a culture of sustainability in our regions,” according to the Tennessee Environmental Council.

This event not only affects our planet, but also our community. It is known to bring families together and engage people in volunteering. With Vol State being a location for this event, students are getting involved as well.

“I will probably buy some trees to plant in my backyard with my little brother to show him about nature and how important it is to protect our environment. It is essential for people to learn about planting trees so they can impact our planet. With a pick-up site being right here on campus, it makes it very convenient for students to get involved,” Vol State student Aldo Cano said.

Additionally, local resident, Troy Simpson, says he sees this day as necessary. Simpson states, “It really reflects on how we should treat the Earth. Without trees, we would not be alive right now”. Simpson is going to be a part of the progression of a healthy environment by planting some trees himself.

By joining Tree Day, one will serve a positive role in one’s community and world. If anyone chooses to participate in this day, Vol State will be available for pick-up location of his or her trees. All anyone must do is go to the website, select an order, go get the seedlings, and make a difference.


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