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Vol State ranks 7th nationally for online learning

Last updated on May 8, 2020

By Luis Quintanilla

Volunteer State Community College ranked 7th in the nation for community colleges’ online programs. A report by the College Consensus ranked Vol State in its top 10 community colleges in the nation for online learning.

The report lists 50 colleges in total, with Vol State ranking in the top 10 at number seven. It lists Vol State as “one of the best community colleges in the US.” It ranks the college and its online programs as easily accessible and transferable to four year schools. The ranking also notes the easy communication with advisors within Vol State that “help students tailor a program to meet their needs.”

The ranking for the entire list was determined by the amount of degree programs a community college offers online. For Vol State, according to the report, that is 30 online degree programs.

According to a page about online learning on Vol State’s website, many degrees can be earned without ever setting foot on campus. Thanks to its adaptation to online learning, many students can work through a single course or entire program online.

This can prove especially useful to those who have busy schedules, and may not be able to be present on campus for classes. With online learning, many people can become students while maintaining and working around their schedules. The report by College Consensus notes this as one of the hallmarks of online learning.

Perhaps more than ever, online learning at the moment is crucial to a students success. A college’s accessibility to its online programs and courses, its instruction level as well as its communication with students is important not just to those with busy schedules, but to all college students at the moment. College Consensu also notes this in its ranking of the schools on list as it considers “web presence, transparency about their offerings and user-friendliness of the learning platforms.”

According to the report, the rankings came from research made by Consensus editors on community colleges and their online programs across the nation. According to its about page, College Consensus ranks colleges and universities across the U.S. by gathering information from reputable college ranking publishers and thousands of real student reviews. To have made the list, a college must be accredited and “recognized for their impact on student lives and careers,” states the report.

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