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Vol State to use printing kiosks

Last updated on January 28, 2018

By: Sara Keen, Editor-in-Chief

Volunteer State Community College will be implementing a new way for students to print their necessary documents.

After a rumor spread that the library would be limiting printing, many students took to social media to express their feelings about the supposed new rule.

“I can’t believe the library is about to start limiting paper!” one student wrote on the popular anonymous app, Yik Yak.

However, the library is not implementing paper limitations on students as the rumor suggests.

Sarah Smith, Director of Library Services and Learning Resources, said, “Speaking on behalf of all our staff, Thigpen Library really cares about doing what is most beneficial for students.”

However, Kevin Blankenship, Chief Information Officer, further clarified that this rumor was not true.

“We’re not actually placing limitations,” said Blankenship, “we’re piloting a new solution for printing.”

Blankenship explained that they are not looking to enforce limits, but will be implementing a quota to see how much students are printing. The quota would be adjusted as needed.

If students pass the quota, there will be ways to add more. Two ways mentioned were to contact the I.T. desk or a possible request form online.

Blankenship added, “The solution that we’re looking at would allow [students] to print from anywhere. You can print from home or anywhere with internet access.”

Kiosks will be in place for students to enter their information or identification so that they may pick up anything they need printed on their way to class.

Part of the reason this is being implemented is for the safety of student information.

“We routinely have found tax returns lying around in the library, contract documents with people’s information. There’s all this information just laying around that people leave,” said Blankenship.

Sustainability is also a reason for this new solution, and this would keep students from overprinting.

Blankenship suggested that students be sure they are only printing what they need, print double-sided and try not to use more than necessary.

Students are urged to do their part and limit paper use. For example, students can try recycling unnecessary paper or using digital copies rather than printing everything.

More information will be available to students as the solution is implemented.

“Vol State is starting to become more tech-savvy, and it’s quite pleasant,” said Jesse Versage, President of SGA (Student Government Association).

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