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Vol State welcomes new assistant vice president of Student Services

Last updated on April 14, 2019

By Gloria Cortes

Volunteer State Community College’s new Assistant Vice President of Student Services Kyle Barron started April 1.

As new assistant vice president, Barron is responsible for the supervision of the offices of Disability Services, Student Engagement and Support, Diversity and Inclusion, and the TRIO program. He’s also responsible for traditional affairs and Title IX issues for students.

Sharing how he was welcomed to Vol State, Barron said, “I got a fancy tie. [I just started] and it’s been a great welcome so far. I spent a little time with Dr. Faulkner, getting to know him and his expectations for the employees and just getting to know all the offices and areas I’ll be working with on a daily basis. They’ve all been really warm receptive, and I look forward to working with them more,” said Barron.

vpHe replaced Talia Koronkiewicz, who only briefly worked at Vol State.

“She was terrific. Dealing particularly with disruptive students in class, that side, she was really good with. As an institution, he hadn’t had somebody like that, that was her speciality. So our new one has some big shoes to fill,” said Vol State political science faculty Dr. Scott McMillan, “She was only here a couple years, but she was beloved.”

Barron said his primary goal is to help as many students accomplish their educational goals, with his ultimate goal being, “to get as many students to walk across the stage wearing a fancy hat.”

He said he wants to play whatever role is necessary to make Vol State’s student graduation rate increase, and support the students and faculty in whatever way is possible.

“I don’t know much about him, so I can’t really say anything. Maybe he’ll bring about new change, and maybe he’ll listen to what the students have to say,” said Vol State freshman Patrick Neuendorf.

“Vol State has a wonderful reputation amongst community colleges. And just the commitment to the community as a whole… how faculty and staff kind of pulls together for the best case for students and their commitment to student success is recognized,” said Barron.

Barron wants to let students know that he went through community college too, “It was the best experience of my time in college.”

After community college, he went to the Richland College in Dallas, Texas, and then transferred to University of North Texas for his bachelor’s of Applied Arts and Science, and then received his Master’s in Higher Education.

He is currently still in college, graduating May 5 with a Doctorate in Educational Policies and Assessment Evaluation.
Outside of school, Barron said he likes to spend time with his family, “I got a little baby girl. She’s a little toddler, so that’s a lot of fun right now.”

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