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Volunteer State students share their summer plans

By Nichollas Plucker

With the current spring semester at Vol State Community College drawing ever closer to its end. Vol State students have started preparing their own plans for the overall summer.

“I’m going to be going on tour with my family singing group, the first stop is Chicago and we’re just going to surrounding cities after that,” said Volunteer State student, Isaiah Perry.

“Me and my friends are planning on going on a trip to Oregon, In Washington, but it’s kind of falling through and things have been complicated, originally because of the resurgence of Covid. With the new variant, but now it’s kinda like simmering down now. So, we might be going on the trip but I’m not entirely sure,” said Volunteer State Student, Zane Brittain. “We were just planning on going to a cabin and local sight-seeing places and hiking too.”

“Just going to Florida with a group of friends and then working full time during the summer,” said Volunteer State Student, Ethan Hilliard.

“I plan on traveling this summer, I used to live in Texas. So, I want to go visit some friends and relatives there,” said Volunteer State Student, Ava Martin.

“I am doing an internship as a dispatcher” said Volunteer State student, Alison Gray.

“I’ll be doing summer classes to get extra credit,” said Volunteer State Student, Hector Graves Hernandez.

“I’m doing a study in Ecuador for a program, I’m studying biology,” said Volunteer State student, Aubrey Davidson.

“I’m going to Panama City beach in Florida,” said Volunteer State student, Alexis Bess.

“I’m going to Pensacola beach and Panama City beach in Florida,” said Volunteer State student, Ragan Anderson.

“I’m going to my little sister’s wedding in Europe,” said Volunteer State student, Maie Riley.

“I’m going to the beach and Gatlinburg,” said Volunteer State student, Nicholas Bice.

Whatever your plans are for the summer, we here at The Settler wish you a happy and safe summer break.

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