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VSCC sophmore mixes tutoring with bridge building classes

By Velma Crochet

La’Bryian Scharklett is a student at Volunteer State Community College. His major is civil engineering. Scharklett said, he hopes to work at Tennessee Department of Transportation Civil Engineering. Building bridges and large beams. According to google a civil engineer builds, designs, constructs and maintains infrastructures. Scharklett, grew up in Gallatin,Tennessee. He attended Gallatin High school and graduated in 2018. In his culinary arts class at Gallatin High school he met Timothy Adjutant. They have been friends for four years and now both attended VSCC. Adjutant, said Scharklett, is a hard worker,good friend and always willing to help anyone.”It doesn’t matter if he knows you or not he will talk to you. He is super friendly and isn’t afraid to talk to someone he doesn’t know. We would go in a store and talk to at least one new person every time,” said Adjutant. Scharklett, is a sophomore. His projected graduation from VSCC is 2021. Then he will be attending Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville,Tennessee. At VSCC he is tutoring TRIO students in math. Scharklett is also a work study with TRIO to help him while he is in school. “Some students already know the material and really just need guidance. While others with disabilities need different help. I enjoy helping everyone,” said Scharklett. “ If you call him for help he will always try to help, even if he can’t. He will point you in the direction you need to go,” said Adjutant. When Scharklett is not studying or helping other students he plays video games.Elder Scrolls is his favorite to play.

Scharklett, works out often and enjoys the VSCC gym. Calisthenics is his preference. It is a workout using his own body weight. Watching the YOUTUBE channel “ Official THENX” helps him a lot. Scharklett, is one of 10 children. He is the oldest and helps take care of his younger siblings. He has been on his own since the age of 16. Working through hard times to better his life with a education. Scharklett, said he is looking forward to the future, having a good job and enjoying life.

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