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Posts published in April 2019

English Department holds reception for new issue of Pioneer Pen

By Katelyn Marshall

Volunteer State Community College’s English Department will celebrate the newest issue of Pioneer Pen, the student literary arts magazine, Number One, (Vol State’s professional literary journal), and

The Best of Student Essays, Tuesday, April 23, from noon – 2 p.m., at SRB 150, according to Vol State’s website.

“Each year, we put together a staff of students who spearhead the project,” said assistant professor of English and the Publications Coordinator for the English department Emily Andrews.

Biggest music department showcase of the year features spring CD

By Gloria Cortez

The Volunteer State Community College will host the annual Spring Music Department Showcase April 26, at 7:30 p.m., in the Caudill auditorium.

This is the music department’s biggest event of the year.

In the first half of the event, several groups from different areas of the department perform. Then the year’s songwriters who are featured on the department’s spring CD are the focus for the second havoc of the event.

Spring Fling event get students thinking about consent

By Allison Oakley

The Volunteer State Community College Spring Fling and Pledge to Stop Sexual Assault event was in the plaza of the Steinhauer-Rogan-Black building April 19.

The event highlighted several of VSCC’s clubs, had games, free food, a photo booth, and gave out free t-shirts that displayed sayings like, “Swiping right does not mean consent,” and, “Buying a drink does not mean yes.”

Coordinator of Student Support Tiffany Zwart said, “The idea is to get our students thinking about what consent looks like for them and what it really is legally, so that they can make wise choices and also be mindful. We know this pledge isn’t going to make everyone understand, but if it gets a conversation started and it gets them thinking about what consent really is, that’s really our goal.”
This was the first time combining a prevention and support event along with the Spring Fling.

Graduation brings a closing chapter and new beginnings

Graduation is an exciting time when students close one chapter in life and begin a new one. Vol State graduates have put in the work and passed the tests. No one did it for them, and they can be proud. This landmark in their lives demonstrates their ability to succeed. Each student can share stories of their struggles and how they persevered along the way.

A college education is much more than a path to a good career. Whether students are heading off to a four-year college or going into the workforce, the hope is that students will consider their college days as just the beginning of a lifetime of continued learning. Our society needs people who remain students of history and are well-informed of current events to critically think through today’s biased media narratives and social media hype.

New tree is dedicated to honors professors for a class project

By Gloria Cortes

A group from Volunteer State Community College’s Honors Leadership Development (HUM-275) course planted and dedicated a tree to class professors Nancy Blomgren and Julie Morgan for a project April 18.

The group members consisted of these Vol State students: Giulia Giordani, Tony Chioccio, Rachel Keyes, EJ Avery, Brianna Hogan, Esteban Sanchez, Lauren Buchanan, Gloria Cortes, Karla Majano, and Mindy Donsbach.

The class’ assignment was to make a positive, tangible, lasting (not necessarily permanent) mark on campus without using money.

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