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ACE absorbed as position in SGA

Last updated on February 24, 2016

By Preston Neal, Staff Writer


Association of on Campus Events has been absorbed into the Student Government Association at Volunteer State Community College.

While two separate entities for the past several years, Tabitha Sherrell, Coordinator of Student Activities, said that ACE and SGA were at one time the same thing.

The Activities Coordinator and Director of Student Activities of several years thought it would be best to split the two, and so ACE was created.

“They had separate budgets. ACE is supposed to be the activities board, they are supposed to help Student Life and Diversity Initiatives put on events, pay for events, advertise for them, and clean up after,” said Sherrell.

Sherrell said there has been a decrease in students who want to participate in ACE since 2012.

“Dr. Yarbrough (Director of Student Life and Diversity Initiatives) decided to take this year to try and merge them and keep them as one,” said Sherrell.

Now there will be an activities chair on the SGA cabinet as opposed to having ACE be an entire separate entity.

“This is the guinea pig year, the trial to see what we like and don’t like,” said Sherrell.

Sherrell said that Yarbrough said he would keep ACE and SGA joined again for the next year.

“Once we have two years’ worth of data to go on we will make the executive decision whether or not to keep them together or separate,” Sherrell said.

Blake Coker, the Student Activities Chairman, said that the job of running ACE has not changed at all.

Coker said that other colleges across the country and state have, like Vol State, ACE as a part of their SGA too and some colleges keep it a separate entity.

Coker, while still heading what was once ACE, said the only difference is that he is now also a part of SGA.

“We don’t have as many people either, there isn’t a lot of recruitment,” Coker said.

Most responsibility falls on Coker’s shoulders. He updates flier boards and coordinates intramural events.

He also hosts game days, like Video Game Day.

He keeps on top of events and already has March fliers done.

Not having a second chair means that Coker cannot be present at all events, and is currently looking for a second chair.

Any student that wishes to be the second chair for Activities must apply and interview for the position.

That person would ideally run intramurals while Coker runs bigger campus events and bulletin boards, which Coker said he prefers.


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