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An Editorial on Self-Acceptance

Last updated on January 28, 2018

By Sara Keen// Editor-in-Chief

Self-acceptance has become a hot topic across social media in the past year. Men and women alike post photos that make them feel confident, or reveal their insecurities to the world.

If one cannot understand who he or she is, it can be like a sickness. It lingers, incurable when no one understands it. It can affect your health, mentally and physically.

Some may find themselves unable to function at times without reason, or they may not like the actions that once made them happy. Sometimes it can lead to a depression in the individual.

Even further, it can halt one’s ability to succeed. Focus may divert from work or school because one cannot understand what is wrong with him or her, even when nothing is technically wrong. One could begin to slack in class or at work simply because it just doesn’t seem as important as it once was.

It can cause one to focus on negative character or physical traits, rather than realizing the positive. Some may focus more on an “annoying” laugh than their impeccable sense of humor. Others may focus more on a physical “defect” rather than realizing their great personalities as well as physical beauty.

Self-acceptance leads to confidence. It allows people to embrace themselves and ultimately experience a better quality of life, no matter the situation.

Every person struggles to discover and understand who he or she is. Everyone is battling a different situation with a different background. Some may wonder how they could possibly worry about their own self-acceptance when so much is in the way, distracting them.

Accepting one’s self doesn’t require constant attention or work. It’s the little things that can help in the path of self-acceptance. For example, perhaps a person notices they have a great ability in art, or that they enjoy reading a good book when they’ve had a long day.

It’s the little things that lead to self-discovery. Some may find that they have a tendency to feel their best when they’re alone, in the silence. This not only helps that person understand their habits but they can also learn what to love about themselves.

In a different aspect, character traits also play a huge role in self-acceptance. Whether one is caring, honest, straightforward, or even funny, traits can be embraced. People often love a caring person. Honest and straightforward people are often needed in life, as they can warn or help you when there is a problem. Even the funniest of people are often welcomed with their ability to make light of most situations.

Character traits are something everyone loves to notice in books, movies, and television shows. In that case, take a moment to realize those traits one loves so well in oneself. Perhaps some are brave, like Hercules, or a little different, like Lilo or Stitch.

Once someone notices how alike he or she is with a character, or relate to that character, it allows a person to understand his or herself. It is always a good habit to notice the traits shared with one’s favorite characters in order to accept, and eventually love, one’s self.

The most common issue with self-acceptance is physical appearance. In this society, it seems dire that every person has a particular body composition. In reality, what should matter is how the person views their body. Some may say they are “concerned about health,” which may be true, but the individual knows his or her own health.

Women often find themselves competing with more ”prettier” girls. The truth is, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I am sure a great majority of the students at Volunteer State Community College watched Shrek as a child. One of the greatest lessons to take from Fiona is that everyone is beautiful to someone else.

On the other hand, men often struggle with feeling “manly.” Men have the same struggles as women do, it simply isn’t as vocalized. Going back to the previous reference, the same can be said for Shrek. He was not the most “handsome” or polite man in the kingdom, but Fiona still loved him.

All in all, once one can understand his or her flaws, it can open a new world for that person. Confidence can get an individual through most situations. In understanding who one is, that person can realize who he or she can become.

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