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Austin Peay transfer finds self on VSCC basketball court

By Katelyn Marshall 

Volunteer State Community College’s student feature is on Austin Fisher.  

“I play basketball at Vol State, I transferred from Austin Peay and now I’m here,” Fisher said.  

Fisher said that his major at Vol State is TV and Broadcasting Communications and he said that he will graduate in the spring. 

After graduating from Vol State, “I’m going on to a four-year to continue my education and continue to play basketball.” 

Fisher explained how Vol State has impacted or changed his life.  

“The teachers are definitely a lot more hands-on here than the other school that I was at, and the teachers, kind of leave you out to dry and you just didn’t know really what was going on. I would say Vol State impacted my life in the classroom more because I feel like I’m learning a lot more here, he said. 

“I try to do a lot, but I would say the most positive thing from my behalf would be the knowledge about basketball and maybe helping kids,” Fisher explained. “And from a basketball aspect because that’s what I’m best at—playing basketball, so I feel like that kind of carries more weight than all the other stuff do.” 

The most negative Fisher said he has ever done, “is probably on the basketball court. I probably said some negative things or something like that. For the most part, I’m kind of a laid-back person. I would say my most negative thing would be probably saying something on the court that I shouldn’t have said.” 

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