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Be interview ready with Career Service’s job fair

Last updated on April 14, 2019

By Katelyn Marshall

In being ready for a job interview, “review the job requirements and research the organization you are interviewing with,” Carol Bazenet said, who has been the administrative assistant for Career Services for six years at Volunteer State Community College. “Anticipate questions you may be asked and practice your responses, choose a conservative, professional outfit for the interview, make sure you know how to get to where you are interviewing, and plan plenty of travel time. You never want to be late to an interview.”

Bazenet added, “Attend our job fairs (the next job fair is April 24 in the Pickel Gym) and practice introducing yourself and speaking with area employers. Even if you are not interested in the job they are offering, the practice will help you develop your communication skills for the ‘real’ interview. Speak to your instructors if the job you are applying for is in their field. Ask for insight into the industry and current industry trends.”

“The most important thing you can have in an interview is confidence,” Bazenet said. “Be confident that you have made the effort to prepare for your interview and that you are the best applicant for the job.”

intefview-readySome ways people can be impressive during a job interview is having, “a strong familiarity with the organization you are applying for,” Bazenet said. She said that having this is important, “Make a point of including that knowledge as appropriate.”

The most important advice Bazenet said that she would give a student would be to, “utilize the services available to you while you are a student at Vol State. Visit the Career Services website to learn about the services available to you. Also, get involved in clubs and activities. Not only will it help you develop your career competency skills, it will build up your resume.”

While some people may be nervous for an interview, Bazenet said that, “it takes practice and experience to feel confident that you are ‘interview ready.’ It is normal and ‘okay’ to feel nervous for an interview. That is an indication you are interested in the position and hope to make a great impression. If you have prepared for your interview with the above steps and visited the Career Services office for assistance, you have prepared yourself well for the interview.”

For those who are interested in Career Services, they assist students in understanding how their academic experiences can be utilized and transferred to the types of career activities they may undertake for a lifetime. Their primary mission is to provide a bridge between the student, the academic process, and the world of work, according to Vol State’s website.

Career Services offer career resource modules focused on career fair success, social media in your job search, resume basics, interview skills, career confidence in your job search, and military experience in civilian terms, according to Vol State’s website.

Career Services offer many other resources, including career coaching, professionalism and soft skills. Career Services is a resource for employers to recruit full-time or part-time employees and co-op students, according to their website. For more information, visit Vol State’s website,

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