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Belmont University and Volunteer State Community College Announce Partnership

By Harley Keene

Volunteer State Community College recently signed a partnership deal with Belmont University. This deal applies only to students working towards their associates in business administration, accounting, information systems, finance, management or marketing. The partnership allows students a direct pathway to complete their bachelor’s degree from Belmont’s Jack C. Massey College of Business. To be eligible students must have successfully completed 24 credit hours, as well as have a minimum 3.0 GPA. This partnership provides a pathway to students so they know what classes they will need to take at Vol State in order to make the transfer process to Belmont easier.

This partnership has been reached with Columbia State Community College and Nashville State Community college over the past few years as well. Although this is the most recent deal with Belmont University and Volunteer State Community College, there are other pathway partnerships as well. Public Relations Specialist Eric Melcher states,  “We have a nursing program that we do with them, so there’s a lot of programs that we have with Belmont and a lot of other schools.” Melcher also encourages students to reach out if they are confused about any pathways the school offers, as well as checking TN Pathways to find more information.

Students should speak with their advisors if they are interested in pursuing any of the pathways Vol State has to offer. Speaking with an advisor ensures students get the help they need and are able to go in the right direction with their degree path.


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