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Black History Month at Vol State

By Emmanuel Ayele

Black History Month celebrates and recognizes African Americans, and the Vol State campus recognizes Black History Month as well.  

February shines light on the contributions African Americans made to this nation’s history, and the history and evolution of African Americans in the United States. 

To celebrate Black History Month this year, the Vol State campus will be planning activities that may happen sometime by the end of the month (February).  

“So currently for student activities right now, we put up the celebrating Black History Month banners, and those are also done on the other Vol State campuses: Gallatin, Springfield, Livingston, and Cookeville,” said Tabitha Sherrell, Coordinator of Student Activities. 

“Our Black Student Association (BSA) are trying to plan a play that would be here on campus at the end of the month that’s currently in the works but hasn’t been approved by the club yet,” Sherrell shared that most of the activities for Black History Month will happen by the end of February, depending if the BSA club will approve on the upcoming play. 

“To me, it means that every single person matters regardless of their skin color, race, and their look. Every single person matters, and, in this case, we are specifically talking about Black History Month, we are talking about Black History, making sure we get people to talk about Black History, and we get people to know about it,” said Sherrell. 

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