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Budgetary issues delay new sports at Volunteer State.

By Julio Gautreaux

At the beginning of the semester word around Volunteer State Community College was that there would be new sports teams coming to Vol State at the beginning of the Fall Semester 2023. The new sports included Cross Country, Soccer, Womens Volleyball, and Golf.

The new sports teams have recently come to a pause due to some budget issues at the school. Dr. Orinthia Montague, the President of Vol State, sent out an email stating that they’re putting a pause on expanding the new athletic sports teams.

“Earlier in the academic year I shared that we were going to expand our athletic sports. At this time, we are putting a pause on that initiative. We will revisit that later,” said Montague.

“We are in the discussion stages on what our budget is and what are some things we can do with what we have,” said Bobby Hudson who, the Director of Athletics at Vol State.

According to Hudson Vol state’s enrollment has dropped this year and it has impacted the school’s budget and the budget of the other sports teams.

“Due to enrollment being down, all the colleges are looking for ways to get enrollment up,” said Hudson, “Hopefully we can bring in some of these teams that won’t cost us a lot of money.”

Vol State has currently four sports teams at their school. Women’s basketball, men’s basketball, baseball and softball. Hudson believes that by adding some new sports teams to the college it will help the enrollment situation.

“Us at the athletic department want to do whatever we can to help enrollment and help the school be the best it can be, we want to part of the solution to get us out of the enrollment decline. We have to see budget wise in what direction we should go with this,” said Hudson

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